Activity 1

Tuesday November 22nd the Accie will organize the first activity of the year for our Stennis members! Did you already write that down in your diary? Very good!
Make sure you prepare yourselves well, because you will need your knowledge, a good sense of humour and nice weather. We hope you will take this all with you.
We present you: Triviant, from door to door! We will play in different teams the games based on the categories of the game Triviant (probably only known in the Netherlands?, but very nice!)
The activity will start at 18.45 and will end at 22.30 or 23.00, but there is always room for a drink with the fantastic committee that will organize this for you and with your fellow Stennis-members of course!
Don’t forget, as always there are many prices to win, so register yourself via and make sure you’re on the winning side! Registration can until November 20th 23.59. The activity will cost maximal 4 euros.
P.S. Also don’t forget that being present at activities counts also for the battlepoint system, so don’t wait any longer and registrate!