Activities and parties

Internal activities
There is enough to be done in a year with Stennis, because there are a lot of activities organised that have nothing to do with tennis. There are a lot of activities organised during the weekend; the hitchhikeweekend, membersweekend and the “meesleepweekend”, during which you can show Stennis to you friends and family. However there are also activities that are organised on a night during the week. The unmixed evening, where the men and women are seperated and have both have an activity, the yearly Stennis beercantus and two internal activities which vary every year!

Internal parties
Besides tennis Stennis also organizes a lot of parties! Every thursday we have drinks in our local pub, the Boschpoort. Also the FeestCie organizes multiple theme parties, where the outfits and drinks are adjusted to the theme. Stennis also organizes bigger parties, which are not in the BP, a few times per year. This year Stennis organized ‘Framework’ along with KoKo in complex, as well as our own open party called ‘Stensation’ and our open party during the INKOM! The FeestCie also organizes a christmas dinner and new years drinks!

External activities: sister associations

Stennis has three sister associations whom we visit regularly, and whom visit us as well; Fellenoord from Eindhoven, Chip & Charge from Amsterdam and Veracket from Groningen. Open tournaments, open parties, constitution drinks and activities; we’re prepared to travel all over the Netherlands for a good party!

Almost every student tennis association organizes an open tournament, so during the year we visit a lot of cities for tennis. However, every open tournament has much more to offer besides tennis; parties, canti and activities are not to be forgotten! From the Winter Open Tournament (WOT) in Groningen and Amsterdam, to Slow External Tournament (SET) in Nijmegen and from the open tournament of Lacoste in Tilburg (LUST) to the Dutch Student Championships (NSK); Stennis loves to join everything! Tennis, camping, drinking, partying and a lot of fun with friends of Stennis from all over the Netherlands. The Excie loves to show you around!