INKOM 2018

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Stennis during the INKOM

During the INKOM various activities are organized by M.S.T.V. Stennis. The Activity of Choice will take place on Wednesday, August 22nd. This will be a great afternoon with many activities and free beer. It will take place on the premises of SV Koko (Gebroeders Hermansstraat 11-13). You get 3 half liters of drinks for free, you can also participate in a laser game and a silent disco. You can also quietly drink your beer while enjoying delicious music from a great DJ. Obviously, we will be there and you can see for yourselves what we have to offer next to tennis, as well ask us any questions about our association!
On Friday 24 August, the Dinner of Choice will take place at Tennispark de Geusselt (Severenstraat 215). Here you can enjoy a free meal, namely a delicious pasta salad. After consuming this meal you can participate in various drink games and dance at the silent disco. This way we can be well prepared for the final MECC party of the INKOM. Email us via the contact form for more information, but you’re always welcome to stop by and join us!

Where to find us

Monday 20 augustus:
17:00-19:00 Dinner @ Ma van Sloun
19:00-23:00 Opening @ Markt
23:00-02:00 Opening Party Summer Vibes (MSTV Stennis & MSHC) @Cafe van Bommel, Platielstraat 13-15

Tuesday 21 augustus:
14:30-19:00 Ozon Festival @ Stadspark
22:00-03:00 MECC Tuesday @ MECC

Wednesday 22 augustus:
12:30-15:00 Picnic down the River @ Maaspromenade
15:00-18:00 Activity of Choice (Lasgergamen/Beerfest/Silent disco) @ Gebroeders Hermansstraat 11-13
23:00-05:00 Open party @ MUSST

Thursday 23 augustus:
12:00-16:00 Sportsevent @ Griend
19:30-22:30 Cantus @ MECC Noordhal
23:00-05.00 Open parties

Friday 24 augustus:
13:00-17:00 Beach Lounge @ Fun Valley
17:00-19:30 Dinner of Choice (free food/silent disco) @ Tennispark de Geusselt (Severenstraat 215)
23:00-05:00 Heineken Night @ MECC

Wednesday 5 september:
18:00-23:00 Open Toss @ Tennispark de Geusselt (Severenstraat 215)

Thursday 6 september:
22:00-02:00 Get-to-know-us-drinks @ Studentencafé de BoschPoort

Wednesday 12 september:
18:00-23:00 Open Toss @ Tennispark de Geusselt (Severenstraat 215)

Thursday 13 september:
22:00-02:00 Get-to-know-us-drinks @ Studentencafé de BoschPoort

Monday 20th August: Open Party

On Monday, August 20, a new open party will erupt in café van Bommel (Platielstraat 13-15). In collaboration with D.B.S.V. Red socks we organize THE open party of the INKOM of the year, SUMMER VIBES! Come and enjoy a wonderful evening in a summer atmosphere and make the most of your INKOM.

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