From now on, you can subscribe for the Batavierenrace which will take place from 28 till 30 April!!

This is the greatest student relay-race starting in Nijmegen and ending in Enschede. The race starts Friday night and consists of three parts. The first group will start on Friday at midnight in Nijmegen and the other 2 groups will continue the race from Enschede on Saturday morning and Saturday in the afternoon. Each student will run a certain distance between 3 and 11k., and will also accompany another student on a bicycle during their stage. To rest after running and to sleep during the night, we will camp at the University of Twente.
When the race is finished, there will be a great party in the evening and Sunday morning the weekend is over and we will go back to Maastricht.
Do you want to join? send an email to and tell the distance you would like to run in this email. Do you need more information or have question? You can also send an email.
If you don’t feel like running or being sporty? You can join the party on Saturday. In this case, also send an email.