Introperiod 2017

Are you not sure is Stennis and you are a match and do you want to taste the atmosphere within Stennis? Or do you want to meet new Stennissers? Then, subscribe for the introduction period in September.


During the introduction period, you will get a mom and dad of Stennis who will show you how amazing Stennis is, so that all your doubts will disappear. The Introcie will organize a lot of fun activities to show you why you need to become a member of Stennis.


The program of the introduction period is:
– Wednesday 20 Sept à Diner with introduction group + Pub Quiz
– Introduction weekend in Maastricht included:

– Friday 22 Sept à Cycling diner + City games

– Saturday 23 Sept à Tennisactivities + Lunch + Games outside + Cantus (with unlimited beer)
– Sunday 24 sept à Breakfast with group + Activity

– Wednesday 27 Sept à Stennis Open activity at the tennis parc
– Monday 2 Oct à Activity + Committee interest evening
– Thursday 5 Oct à Diner with introduction group + Themeparty in ‘de Ma van Sloun’

You don’t have to be a Stennis member to subscribe for the introperiod. Subscription for the introduction period is possible during the INKOM, at the introduction drinks and open toss in September, and via the website.