General information about your membership

Nice that you’re interested in becoming a member of M.S.T.V. Stennis.
To complete your subscription you can follow the following steps:

1. Sign up via the subscriptionform on the website. You can find this form under the tab ‘’Membership’’

2. You will receive a welcome e-mail and a confirmation that your subscription will be processed, along with more information about the association.

3. Download the mandate form for recurrent collections on the website. Fill this form in, scan i tand send it to and

4. Send a recent passport picture in .jpg, .png or .bmp format to

5. Order a full 12-month ‘’Sign-Up + Sports’’ membership at the UM Sports webshop or at the information desk at UM Sports.

6. You will receive further notice from the Secretary about where and when you can collect your KNLTB card.

Kiss my Ace!M.S.T.V. Stennis