Non-Mixed Evening

As you already know, the non-mixed evening is coming! Put April 13th right now in your agenda and make sure you’ll be there!

During this activity, the men and women will join an activity separately from each other and separate from the committee you every week with. The women will practice their dancing skills during a real Pole-Fit workshop, meanwhile the men will go sweating during padel tennis! And if you also like attention from men, don’t worry, we will mix again in the Ma van Sloun at the end of the activity.

The costs will be 15 euros maximum, and subscribing (or desubscribing) can until Sunday 9th, 23,59. The evening will last from 19.30 to 22.30, and ends in the Ma van Sloun. Make sure you’ll be there and subscribe yourself via the website or Thursday in the Ma van Sloun!
We are looking forward to this evening!
Love, Accie ’16-’17