Veracket Cup

In the weekend of 17, 18 and 19 February, Stennis will travel to Veracket in the high north of the Netherlands to conquer the Veracket Cup. In this weekend, we will fight for the Cup against Fellenoord, Chip&Charge and Veracket by winning points with activities and parties. The association with the highest points will win the Veracket Cup. You don’t need your tennis racket this weekend, so leave it at home.
The theme this year is the Veracket Cupidogames. Come join us this weekend and subscribe by sending an email to The costs for the whole weekend will be €30,- (incl. activities, place to sleep, breakfast, dinner and the parties). Are you not able to come the whole weekend? But do you want to come 1 night? The party at Saturday will cost €5,-.