An association cannot exist without its active members. Stennis has 13 committees that form the foundation of its vibrant community. It is the perfect way to meet new people and to become an active member of Stennis! Are you considering to join a committee? Read the overview of committees below to get a feel for which committee fits you best.


The Wedcie is the committee responsible for all tennis related matters of M.S.T.V. Stennis. This committee organizes the wednesday evening (S)tennis winter competition. In addition, the WedCie organizes the training for the spring and fall competition. The organisation of the Stennis-Ready mix, our night tournament and internal championships are also in the hands of the WedCie.


OTC is an abbreviation for Open Tournament Committee and as the name suggests, this group of fanatic Stennissers organises Stennis Open! This is a large open tournament with approximately 300 participants. Apart from the actual matches, this committee is concerned with coming up with the theme, the activities, the sponsoring and promotion of this large scaled and well-known tournament.


The AcCie offers the possibility to all members to also enjoy themselves off court. Four times a year this committee organizes an original and well-attended activity, such as real life monopoly, Lasergaming or a drinking game night. Next to organising these activities, the committee is responsible for the infamous member weekend, the active members event and the Stennis Cantus.


The FeestCie ensures there are enough possibilities for memebrs of Stennis to party . Every year, they organize four theme parties, a New Year’s reception and a ‘rozenactie’ on Valentine’s day to surprise your secret crushes. The FeestCie also organizes the amazing open party at the end of the year: STENSATION.


The PR Committee is in charge of the public relations of Stennis. They do not only make sure that the yearly INKOM becomes a big success, but are also present at meet and greets and facultary introduction days. Furhtermore they make photos at events and keep the website up-to-date.


Stennis has its own magazine called the ‘Crack’, which has 5 editions each year. The RedacCie is responsible for writing the articles of this magazine, its layout and they also take personal care of delivering the magazine to each Stennis member.


The ExCie is in charge of organising and visitng activities outside of Maastricht and activities with other sport- and student associations in Maastricht and beyond. You can think of exchanges with other associations, spending a weekend at Roland Garros or competing in the ‘Batavierenrace’.


The IntroCie is the committee that organizes activities for new members. Right after the INKOM they organize an introduction period of three weeks including an introduction weekend. Throughout the year the IntroCie also organizes several activities that are exclusively for first year members, like a cocktail night or a game night.


This committee makes sure that Stennis can keep on existing. The funds from sponsors are very important to ensure the association is able to cover its expenses and offer the members a good time. As a member of the SponsCie you have to approach possible sponsors with an offer they simply cannot refuse. You will also represent Stennis at events to raise money for the association. Managing the clothing line of Stennis is also one of task of the SponsCie.


The IntregraCie is a relatively new committee responsible for uniting the members of all the other committees. To achieve this goal, they organize small, competetive activities between two committees and the mutual scores are recorded in a ‘Battlepunten systeem’. The IntegraCie also contributes to the ultimate integration with the AcCie: the members weekend.


The BarCie is the newest committie in Stennis and runs the bar and kitchen at the tennispark. On wednesdays they cook a nice meal at the tennispark for all the members.