Alumni Association (OLV)

The Alumni Association (Oud-Leden Vereniging, OLV) was founded on November 14, 2003 by five enthousiastic ex-Stennis members and has about 150 members at the moment. MSTV Stennis was an important part of the student life of many students in Maastricht. Championships were lost and won on the courts and several new friendships were formed during the time on these cours, during drinks, activities and at parties.

Many alumni sympathise with MSTV Stennis and have good memories of their time at Stennis. Some ex-Stennisers keep in touch after they finish their studies for years, but some contacts are lost. The OLV gives them the opportunity to keep in touch or to restore contact and keep their friendships alive.

Everyone that wants to keep in touch with other alumni can apply to become a member of the OLV by sending an e-mail to


You get the opportunity to join an activity twice a year.

Newsletter and Social Media

The OLV informs their members via newsletter and their Facebook page: M.S.T.V. Stennis (OLV).


The OLV does not charge any contribution, membership is therefore free.